The Wyzer App

Wyzer puts urban adventure back on your radar. Unlock the city, discover hidden gems and create your own story.

Forget about exploring the boring. Wyzer’s smart radar lets you wander around, free to follow your own route without getting lost.
Our just-in-time inspiration will alert you about nearby hidden gems, handpicked by our team of local heroes.

Wander around

Points to your destination
Follow your own route
Gets you off the beaten track

Discover the city

Feel like a local
Unlock hidden gems
Handpicked for you

Fuzzy Navigation

Perfect for discovering a city. It just points to your next destination and tells you how far to go. The rest is up to you! Stop following that blue dot on your phone, leave the beaten track and discover awesome new routes and places...

No Internet Required

You can forget expensive roaming costs when you're abroad, because loading a map is not necessary while you're on the move. Explore the city and fully enjoy your surroundings in the absence of digital distractions from the web.

Make the journey the destination

Everybody likes a good story. But where to find one?

Evolving from following the stars to the apps on your phone today, navigation is of all ages. But be honest, how often do you catch yourself looking at your screen instead of experiencing what’s around you? Staring at a map while missing the potential love of your life sitting at that corner café you just unknowingly walked by…

The best stories are those that happen by chance, turning left where the crowds go right. With Wyzer we let you discover the hidden depths of a strange city or a new route to your favourite café. Never feel lost. Let’s go exploring.

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